Made to Order Fashion is Calling You!

Stocking up on style essentials need no longer be a guilty pleasure. Made to order fashion is all about embracing individuality and personal expression, without the carbon footprint. 

RoQua was created as a premium brand to allow you to define your personal style with luxurious, made-to-measure fashion. The result? Eponymous, personal style that will last season after season, and wash after wash.

Our Values 

Our collection is classic, timeless and made to outlast every catwalk trend. Tired and unimpressed with fast fashion practices and the lack of size diversity, RoQua combines beautiful fabrication with craftmanship, with longevity and versatility top of mind. 

Not that we eschew a seasonal style - we just believe that staple items are worth the investment, particularly when made to flatter your unique shape. 

As each item is made-to-order rather than mass manufactured, we stand by sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices. This means less waste that turns to landfill, or worse, burning, which causes excess CO2.

The Process 

Our ordering process is personalised end-to-end. From selecting your favorites items to receiving your final garments, we are here each step of the process to create a connection with you and your wardrobe. 

Because each item is made to order, we do not dye our garments or sew a single sticht until you have selected your final edit. 

We source our fabrics from Italy and France, and create all garments in Germany. 

It might take a little longer for your garment to get to you (2-4 weeks), but the wait - and positive aspect on the planet - is well worth it. 

After you have tried on your items, you can step out into the world with your new outfits, or send back for us to adjust if needed. 

A Style Revolution

RoQua was founded in 2007 and named after the founders grandmother, a french woman of impeccable, ageless style and sophistication. 

Originally opened as ready-to-wear boutique in Munich, we launched the first collection with much success. 

Successful business woman turned to RoQua for personalised style, and soon a tailoring service became a part of our unique offering. From colour to cut and beyond, we refined our garments to fit the dreams of our aspiring and ambitious clientele. 

Soon after, we set out sights on worldwide expansion, and the boutique was moved online. RoQua now operates exclusively as a made-to-order style solution, empowering the modern woman to step out in customised style and luxurious fabrics. 

RoQa is based in Munich and currently supplied to all EU countries as well as to the USA. 

Our Promises

We only use high quality fabrics from Europe for your garments

All garments are made by hand in Germany

We guarantee the perfect fit 

We listen and take care of your personal needs 

We offer free repairs forever because we are convinced of our quality and want them to last forever 

Items that are sent back are not thrown away. They are either donated or recycled.